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MonoTapes Digital Establish a
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with the World
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Unlimited Worldwide Distribution Shares Boundless
Music on a
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MonoTapes Digital Connect to The
World Digitally…
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Unlimited Worldwide Distribution Distributes Limitless
Music Globally…
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Spotify, Apple Music, Wynk, Hungama, YouTube, JioSaavn, Instagram and many more. Keep 100% ownership of your music and keep control on your career.

Unlimited Music Distribution

Explore a world of Digital music distribution with MONOTAPES Digital - your portal to global reach. Breaking through boundaries, we extend your music's availability to over 150 digital stores and streaming services spanning more than 200 countries worldwide.

Our platform empowers artists by providing unmatched reach, enabling them to display their talents to diverse audiences.

With an extensive network, we ensure your music surpasses geographical limitations, connecting with fans on a global level.

Opt for MONOTAPES Digital for international exposure and an unrestricted music distribution experience.

Find Inspiration in Everything

MONOTAPES Digital serves as a worldwide platform where creativity has no limits, allowing artists to effortlessly engage with their global audience.

Give Life to Your Music

MONOTAPES Digital stands as a prominent player in the music distribution industry

MONOTAPES Digital stands out as a premier music distribution company, providing a dynamic platform that transcends geographical limits to foster limitless creativity. Functioning as a hub for artists, it facilitates seamless connections with a global audience.

Through MONOTAPES Digital, creators embark on a digital journey that knows no borders, enabling the sharing of artistic expressions with a diverse worldwide audience. Committed to supporting artists, the platform ensures unrestricted music distribution globally, offering musicians a stage to showcase talents without limitations.

MONOTAPES Digital empowers artists by allowing them to retain 100% of their earned royalties, ensuring full recognition and rewards in the digital realm. Choosing MONOTAPES Digital means embarking on a digital music distribution odyssey where creativity flourishes, and artistic voices resonate globally.

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The ultimate destination for global digital music sales.

Arijit Singh

Incredible results! Selling music worldwide became a reality with MonoTapes Digital. A revolutionary force for every aspiring artist.

Arijit Singh


A game-changer! MonoTapes Digital isn’t just a platform; it’s a global stage that transformed my music into a sensation.

John Doe


MonoTapes Digital is the epitome of excellence! Their distribution prowess amplified my music, reaching hearts across borders effortlessly.

Jonita Gandhi

Unmatched platform! My global audience grew significantly with MonoTapes Digital. Transparent, efficient, and truly remarkable for all artists.

Frizzell D’souza

Exceptional! Effortless worldwide distribution. MonoTapes Digital delivered on every promise, expanding my music’s reach exponentially.

Anumita Nadesan

MonoTapes Digital changed the game! My music reached corners I never imagined. Truly global and impactful.

Atif Aslam